Ducks get feathers ruffled

Well, last night was a little rough.  As a Ducks fan, I am very disappointed.  However, this loss was to an outstanding Stanford team (despite their hiccup to Utah earlier this year).  Make no mistake that Stanford AND Oregon are still top 5 teams regardless of showing.  Yes, Stanford’s game plan was PERFECT Thursday night, but amongst the chaos (and a couple questionable calls), Oregon was in the position to score multiple times.  One still has to finish to win games though, and Stanford came out on top once again.  Don’t expect Oregon to topple anymore throughout the year.  There is still a lot of great games to be played.  They will be back for more.  #riseup #WTD #DuckNation #DuckDynasty #Oregon #PAC12 #ESPN #CollegeGameday


Left or Right?

It seemed not to long ago that I was handing out obnoxiously large amounts of candy to kids.  There are probably a handful of parents in the Southern Indiana area cursing my name as we speak for the rise in dental bills from sweets.  But we cannot dally on Halloween any longer because winter is coming.  And with the transition of fall into the winter holidays comes the often too early christmas music (is it even Thanksgiving yet?) and mixture of both holidays decor littering retail stores.

The question I have for those who are interested falls into the tech scene.  Wether you are an avid or casual gamer, there is a lot to be excited about this month of November.  Both the PS4 and XBox One will be hitting store shelves just in time for holiday door busting.  Don’t fret parents!  Both consoles also offer functionality as an entertainment center, providing a series of streaming apps and Blu-Ray player functionality.  For those interested in the specs, here is a brief look at what powers both beasts:



Now from what we can go by as of now, Sony’s Playstation seems to have the edge in sales.  This is largely due to the lower ticket price coupled with an amazing marketing strategy.  Both offer a large shared amount of games and each have a series of “console only” games, so any purchase will largely be based on which is more attractive to you.  Personally, I am a Playstation fan and will hopefully be able to get my hands on this console soon!

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Sweet and Spicy Sesame Chicken Wings

My new game day wing lineup! These are a must check out for anyone who likes wings. Tastes great. #wings #homecooking #kitchenfanatic

Edible Ventures

Sweet and Spicy Sesame Glazed Chicken Wings
Sweet and Spicy Sesame Chicken Wings

Eating wings is an 8-finger affair. My pinky fingers are usually pointed up to stay clean and maybe stay a little classy too. 😛

Any wing connoisseur will tell you that each of the 3 parts of the wings is incredibly different. The drumstick end is meaty, easy to eat, but can be a little dry if you over cook them. The flat part is the most tender, especially the sliver of meat between the bones, but is a little fussy to eat.

Then there is the small flapper part, which gets discarded and ignored most of the time, is a little crispy treat that, some people think, has the most flavors of all. I tend to ignore it and throw it away, mostly because I like to chew on meat and not crispy bones.

Sweet and Spicy Sesame Chicken Wings

It’s no secret that we love our chicken…

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Rustic Reuben with Righteous Rye and Robust Russian Dressing

Great try for a Reuben fanatic! #taste #cooking #greatfood


reuban from scratch b nBursting with flavor, this satisfying from-scratch version of an East Coast classic was delicious to the last caraway seed!

Jack suggested we make reuben sandwiches with the gorgeous purple kraut I’d just created. For this menu request, I would need my freshly baked righteous rye bread, corned beef, Russian dressing (see below), Swiss cheese, and butter. I already had all these items on hand except for the corned beef, and since this year the majority of the protein in our freezers is fish, that was going to be a challenge.

I wrinkled up my nose at Jack’s suggestion that we walk to the Native Store to see if they had any canned corned beef. Lo and behold, they did. “Premium” canned corned beef – it even had a little key on the side with which to open the can. This was new to me. I have had canned tuna…

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Jack Fry’s Review

Jack Fry’s is a fine dining American cuisine experience located in the bustling Historic Highlands District off Bardstown Rd. in Louisville, KY.

The Bad:

-Parking, parking, and…parking. Bardstown Rd. seems to be notorious for parking issues. As one of the most prosperous and foot traffic heavy areas in Louisville, you would think more parking spots/areas would become available (we are still waiting). Luckily, this time around, spots were available for my girlfriend and I in Jack Fry’s private lot. If no spaces were available, it would have been a nightmare.

-This is NOT a child friendly restaurant. Depending on who you are, this is either bad or good. Jack Fry’s is geared more towards romantic and business dates, where the wanting screams of children are not heard. So if you want a child free experience (like our anniversary dinner), this is the place for you.

The Good:

-The food was absolutely amazing. Our night started out with an appetizer of escargot, small fresh bread and butter plate, and wine pairings. The bread was moist and freshly baked and alongside the garlic butter escargot (snails for anyone out there wondering what this is) was to die for. After that course, my girlfriend ordered the almond/pistachio crusted salmon which came on a bed of rice and I ordered the beef brisket that was displayed over a crispy potato cake. Both were amazing. The steak and salmon were both cooked perfectly, resulting in no dryness or loss of flavor. Our dessert course included a slice of pumpkin cheesecake and crème caramel (a crème brulee laid over caramel). These also did not disappoint.

-The waiter was great. Very knowledgeable in the menu as well as the wine list and what were the best pairings for each meal. Never once did either of us have to request anything, as he was able to read our needs and supply us with whatever that was.

-Atmosphere really amped up our experience with Jack Fry’s. Although some could see a dimly lit room as a little distasteful, I felt as though that coupled with the live Jazz music was absolutely spot on. If you want a more lit room, the front of the restaurant near the bar is the place to be, if you can get a reservation there of course.



In all, this was an absolutely wonderful dinner experience for my anniversary with my girlfriend. The atmosphere was absolutely perfect, and whats the point of going to a restaurant if the food is not  good as well? Luckily for us, this fine dining experience was just that, and I can say Jack Fry’s is probably on of the best restaurants in the Louisville area if not the best! So if you are ever in the area, see if you can sneak in a reservation and be sure to give yourself ample time in case you need to look for parking.

I give Jack Fry’s:


For more reviews and information, you can check out Jack Fry’s here on Yelp or Urbanspoon

Three Years Ago

This journey with my Commander and Chief has been amazing. I can honestly say that there is no one out there quite like my woman. She is intelligent, caring, loving, ambitious, and loves to laugh and smile. Sure, she may force me to eat some grass-like substances, but only because I am stubborn and do not eat my veggies. Without her, I would probably forget to get dressed before leaving my home at times! Cheers to you babe. Thank you for being the foundation that has created the man you see today, and may God grant me the ability to love you the way you deserve. We are 3! Check out what she had to say about the beginning of our journey here–> Three Years Ago.

1st BCS Poll

The first poll is out. And all seems fairly well despite the chaotic last Saturday of football, where almost 2/3 of the top 25 lost. Possibly the most controversial ranking in the BCS is at the #2-#3 spot, where FSU surpassed Oregon after their bone crushing win over Clemson in Death Valley. Wether or not Clemson was for real or not is up for discussion, since Georgia has dropped a few games. I, being an Oregon fan, believe that FSU has earned the #2 spot….for now. The next ranked opponent that FSU will play is Miami. If Oregon wins out, however, I do not think FSU will be able to hold the Ducks back with possibly 4 ranked match ups in the near future (Stanford, UCLA twice (one in PAC12 championship) and Oregon St.). It’s still early and a lot of football is left. Where everyone ends up at the end is what matters. I can only hope that Heisman front runner Marcus Mariota can continue his campaign and the ducks reign supreme.