1st BCS Poll

The first poll is out. And all seems fairly well despite the chaotic last Saturday of football, where almost 2/3 of the top 25 lost. Possibly the most controversial ranking in the BCS is at the #2-#3 spot, where FSU surpassed Oregon after their bone crushing win over Clemson in Death Valley. Wether or not Clemson was for real or not is up for discussion, since Georgia has dropped a few games. I, being an Oregon fan, believe that FSU has earned the #2 spot….for now. The next ranked opponent that FSU will play is Miami. If Oregon wins out, however, I do not think FSU will be able to hold the Ducks back with possibly 4 ranked match ups in the near future (Stanford, UCLA twice (one in PAC12 championship) and Oregon St.). It’s still early and a lot of football is left. Where everyone ends up at the end is what matters. I can only hope that Heisman front runner Marcus Mariota can continue his campaign and the ducks reign supreme.


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