Left or Right?

It seemed not to long ago that I was handing out obnoxiously large amounts of candy to kids.  There are probably a handful of parents in the Southern Indiana area cursing my name as we speak for the rise in dental bills from sweets.  But we cannot dally on Halloween any longer because winter is coming.  And with the transition of fall into the winter holidays comes the often too early christmas music (is it even Thanksgiving yet?) and mixture of both holidays decor littering retail stores.

The question I have for those who are interested falls into the tech scene.  Wether you are an avid or casual gamer, there is a lot to be excited about this month of November.  Both the PS4 and XBox One will be hitting store shelves just in time for holiday door busting.  Don’t fret parents!  Both consoles also offer functionality as an entertainment center, providing a series of streaming apps and Blu-Ray player functionality.  For those interested in the specs, here is a brief look at what powers both beasts:



Now from what we can go by as of now, Sony’s Playstation seems to have the edge in sales.  This is largely due to the lower ticket price coupled with an amazing marketing strategy.  Both offer a large shared amount of games and each have a series of “console only” games, so any purchase will largely be based on which is more attractive to you.  Personally, I am a Playstation fan and will hopefully be able to get my hands on this console soon!

#4thePlayers #Playstation4 #Greatnessawaits #ItOnlyDoesEverything


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