Top 5 Casual iPhone Games

(5) Pocket Tanks: this is actually a throwback for me, but this two person pixel tank shooter is one of the best. Pocket Tanks is a tank strategy game where PVP or PVCPU will get a set of weapons with different abilities, movements, and angles to fire at your disposal. The point of the game is to hit your opposing target over a randomly generated pixel terrain and get damage points. The player that has inflicted the most damage by the time all weapons are used wins the match!

4) Tetris: now this game should be familiar to almost anyone. One of the most iconic puzzle games, it is one of the few games to survive the ages. With upgraded graphics and game types, Tetris has more to offer than ever!

3) Words With Friends: AKA Scrabble knock off. This game tests your spelling and mixes with strategy as you try to acquire points through high value words and use of bonus tile placements.

2) Plants Vs Zombies 2: one of the best pick-me-up games for the iPhone. Strategy based game where you protect your brains from being eaten by planting a defensive row of plants to ward off the hungry zombies. As levels progress, more game types and plants (all with different abilities) become available. This game also has tremendous replay value, as it offers the 3 star system to master levels with different accomplishments for difficulty.

1) Clash of Clans/Angry Birds Series: Both of these games are quick to figure out and impossible to put down. Considered some of the most engrossing app games out there, each have their own style of play. Clash of Clans is a army building strategy type game where you build a fortress and defend your resources (used for defense upgrades etc) while also creating armies to attack other villages. After a certain level, you are able to join clans that are ranked world wide and clash your way to the top! Angry Birds offers a more fun and relaxed gameplay. The goal of this game is to hit all bad guys (pigs) who stole your eggs by catapulting birds with different abilities at them. These pigs, however, are usually surrounded by barriers so a lot of thought is usually needed for each level. Angry Birds also comes in a variety of themes, from iconic Star Wars to Indiana Jones which offer amazing cartoonish backdrops!

These may not be your top five games and that’s fine! But if you have not had a chance to try any of these out, go take a gander at the App Store on your iPhones! Most of these games range from free-1.99$ so costs are not too outrageous (except in app purchases maybe).


The Walking Dead

I’m not talking about the cumbersome loafs that society has turned us into, shuffling from place to place during our 9-5s constantly checking our smartphones. I’m talking about AMC’s other hit show, The Walking Dead. After the end of Breaking Bad, the only thing to keep myself from a winter depression is realizing that #TWD would be airing in two weeks. That season premier week is finally upon us! For those of you out there that have trouble remembering names, this is the show for you. Characters are constantly being eaten, shot, and whatever gruesome death the post-apocalyptic environment can cause. So while everyone one catches up on past shows, who do you think will be the next to go? For some reason I believe the most dramatic death will be Carl because his ass will never stay in the house, but I think that maybe the short end of the stick goes to Maggie or Beth (Hershel’s daughters). Maybe even a ridiculous combo of Glen and Maggie? All I know is that Daryl is in the safe zone (or better be) unless the world wants a riot on their hands. Tune into AMC this Sunday 9/8c to find out!


Whole30 Challenge – Week 3

Follow my Hailey on her journey to a healthier lifestyle with great recipes (tested myself!).


If there’s one thing you CAN control in your life it’s YOU. You say what you want, do what you want and eat what you want. Every choice you make is your own and there’s always an outcome (good or bad). So when you find yourself complaining about something, whether it’s being in pain, feeling stressed, being overweight or not getting enough sleep, you are the only one who can fix and control it.

My advice? Take control of your life. Be serious and committed to your own happiness and you will find yourself smiling a lot more. And yes, happiness is a huge combination of how you feel about yourself, the relationships you’re in, your actions, attitudes and beliefs, your surroundings and your entire outlook on LIFE.

With that being said, I can’t believe my first Whole30 is almost over. I’m learning so much about myself and food. Learning, growing…

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PAC 12 Recap

The PAC 12 got a smiley face this past weekend in conference play. Out of conference, not much, as ASU showed some flaws away from home and losing to ND 37-34. UCLA may still have some problems with ASU when they travel to the desert to take them on for what should be for the South Division title. Stanford/Washington, UCLA/Utah did not disappoint, both games being very entertaining. My Oregon Ducks steamroll after some early trickery from Colorado to still show the Northern Showdown at the Farm is going to be EPIC against the also undefeated Stanford Cardinals. But Lo! Washington at home is next for the Ducks, and lets just say that the 4th down conversion against Stanford that was called back was questionable, meaning that the Huskies could have come out on top. Is the PAC 12 the best conference now? No, not quite yet, but the rise of the middle-of-the-PAC has made ground on the SEC. Change seems to be on the horizon!